28 august, 2018 Blog

Aquarius and leo friendship

Compatibility Score : 4.9/5

Aquarius and Leo have a great bond, trust each and are usually friends for a lifetime. A perfect compatibility score is also an indication of the tremendous mutual support they have for each other.



Quality Giving, Idealistic, Creative Generous, Enthusiastic, Temperamental
Ruling Planet Saturn and Uranus Sun
Element Air Fire

Aquarius and Leo Friendship Score

Compatibility Score 4.9/5
Longevity Their friendship is tricky but once they are friends it lasts forever -
Mutual Interest Average
Fun & Excitement Strong
Mutual Growth They have mutual dependence and help the other person to achieve the best
Communication Good
Loyalty Strong
Beware Factor Leo should be considerate about the emotions of virgo
Dominant Sign Leo
Polarity Strong Polarity