Sagittarius compatibility with each zodiac sign

Published Date : 9th June, 2022

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Those with the Sagittarius sign are born between 22 November and 21 December under the Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius fits perfectly in zodiac sign BFF compatibility, but they also possess some charming characters. They make good friends and are the best one could ever ask for. They value friendship more than anything. Sags will do anything with no interest or intention of anything in return. They are fun-filled and will never let you bore. They will always be there and never leave you alone in critical situations. One is very lucky if they find signs that a Sagittarius likes them. They will always accompany you. They are loyal to their partner, and it's impossible to find any signs of cheating. Here is the compatibility of Sagittarius with each zodiac sign. Aries and Sagittarius: Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is the ruler of luck and expansion. Aries ruler is Mars which is the ruler of aggression and sex. Both of them share the common element that is fire. A little fire adds warmth, security, and a lot of passion. Sagittarius and Aries are very confident zodiac signs. They go after what they desire to want. None of them indulges in settling down. They share an adventurous and thrilling relationship. Sagittarius is the traveler, picks the spot, and takes Aries along. They like to hang out with each other. They will go skydiving, scuba diving, biking, visiting different places, and enjoying life to its fullest. Being as a couple, they will go on fun-filled dates. If they don't have time for romance, they will run off and not try to settle down. Aries do not want to be controlled or forced. The lack of time will slow them down to friends with benefits. Taurus and Sagittarius: Taurus is an earth sign, and it likes stability. Being the earth sign, it means that sign needs security, warmth, and desires a life with familiarities. He wants things to be in the right place and working well and perfectly. Sagittarius represents fire, and this zodiac sign means being independent. Sagittarius is eager for life with freedom. He is a traveler and wants to experience life by traveling and hanging out. It shows that Sagittarius is an adventurous person. Both the Taurus and Sagittarius are attracted to each other. Taurus loves the charms of Sag's freedom. Taurus will try to restrain that freedom. So, the Sagittarius will pull itself out of the relationship. If they are business partners, then it will significantly work out. Sagittarius's new ideas and Taurus's willingness to do business will lead their business to new heights. If in a love affair, the sexual spark between two seems dull. Sagittarius views sex as fun, while Taurus anticipates it as a profound experience that lasts longer. Once the sparkle steps down, they will face difficulties in their relationship. So, Taurus and Sagittarius are full of different and opposite energies. Gemini and Sagittarius Gemini and Sagittarius share a lot of things in common. Their zodiac signs show the opposite impression rather than ordinary. But they share a sparkled and lightened life filled with love. Their circle includes friends, adventure, and hanging out. Both the Gemini and Sagittarius love to be independent. They view life as an adventure. Being the opposite in zodiac signs, they work very well in a relationship. But they also have different approaches to life. Sagittarius is the one who loves freedom. Gemini is always looking for a life partner with whom he can spend his life. Gemini is very caring and compromises where he thinks he needs. The Gemini zodiac sign represents the twins, so he looks for the person with the same attributes. Sagittarius does not fit into it. Sagittarius wants to thrive on his own. It does not mean that Sagittarius is a loner, but he does not wish to be bounded in the relationship. So basically, one is a solo adventure enthusiast while the other looks for a life partner. Cancer and Sagittarius Cancer and Sagittarius are two different energies in a relationship and separate. The Cancer looks out for security and warmth. According to an astrologer, Cancer is considered the most compatible zodiac sign to marry and build a family with. Cancer provides willingness and protection to the partner. Sagittarius's energy is the opposite. He always looks for adventures. They want to be independent, explore, and live life on their own. He does not like to be bound. The sexual spark between Cancer and Sagittarius is much lightened. Sagittarius desires to play at sex while Cancer is perfect at delivering sex. So soon, one wants t quit, and the other wants to last it longer. It ultimately causes their separation. Both have different approaches to sex. Leo and Sagittarius Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs. They form a unique, magnetic, and fiery relationship when they merge. Both of them share a lot in common with each other. According to an astrologer, fire is a sign of magnetism. It also represents passion. Leo's love is limited to itself. Sagittarius is also a passionate person, but it is restricted to itself. They can merge their will powers and make a great couple. Leo does not want to control Sagittarius or the Sagittarius. Their relationship finds its way for them. They enable their creativity and social life to sparkle enough to make a relationship going. Leo is attracted to magnificent life, and Sagittarius desires an adventurous lifestyle. They experience a new way of life as a couple when they merge. Virgo and Sagittarius Virgo and Sagittarius form a fun-filled friendship. This fun comes from Sagittarius being a free soul. Sagittarius zodiac sign makes it a passionate power but restricted to itself. The Virgo is an earth sign that seeks stability in the environment. The symbol stands for structured and mannerly existence. Virgo wants to sure their safety and control. By nature, both the Virgo and Sagittarius are thinkers. Virgo concludes that he isn't living according to the Sagittarius idea. Virgo prefers to live a life of achievements and impacts. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius lives opposite it and is not bound to any chain. It creates difficulty in their relationship. Eventually, both separate their ways. Scorpio and Sagittarius Scorpio and Sagittarius make a lovely friendship at the start, which can further create a relationship. Scorpio is an intense and profound feeling person. The Scorpio zodiac sign shows that it needs robust control over itself. Sagittarius is possessive and will eventually pull out if they are in a relationship. Scorpio also has a possessive nature, but it is limited Scorpio considers the most. It is most probably its happiness. There is a bright sexual life of the Scorpio and Sagittarius. The water and the fire zodiac signs make steamy combustion. The Sagittarius loves the intensity. Scorpio adores the enjoyment that Scorpio brings. They are different in approaches. Scorpio wants to possess Sagittarius, which will create a threatening situation for the Sagittarius and eventually pull out. They can remain good friends, but they wouldn't make it as a couple. Sagittarius and Sagittarius Sagittarius and Sagittarius make a fun-filled relationship. Both have the same views and approaches towards life, such as being independent. Both are driven by passion because they share the same zodiac sign, fire. They enjoy both the energy and sex. They love to make it outdoors rather than in an enclosed space. The only problem is that both are very independent. The excitement dies because they know what to expect in return. As a couple, both are not good in practical life. A Sagittarius works perfectly and well with someone good at practical life. Capricorn and Sagittarius Capricorn and Sagittarius are attracted to charms, but they are also so different. Sagittarius's zodiac sign shows that it tries to find a way of freedom. Sagittarius needs a lot of space and privilege to be comfortable. Sagittarius does not tie itself to commitments. Capricorn is an earth zodiac sign that requires a lot of security and stability. Capricorn is a sign of discipline. It is very sexual, and the Sagittarius loves the passion. Together they lit a spark. Sagittarius loves to be free and while Capricorn looks to every aspect. They have a great start in friendship and eventually in a relationship. Aquarius and Sagittarius They have many goals in common. Both of them love to be explorative. Both like to play with ideas, hang out, and view life as a fantasy and adventure. They have a great kickstart. The Aquarius and Sagittarius enjoy and try wonderful things in sexual life. Aquarius is a sign of mental energy, and Sagittarius is fire energy. When both blend, they create an excellent relationship. They do not possess and try to dominate each other. Both have the same approach toward goals in life. With this compatibility, they make a perfect match. Pisces and Sagittarius The Pisces and Sagittarius are pretty different from each other. Pisces is a water zodiac sign. According to an astrologer, Pisces is very romantic and funny. It loves the fantasy in sexual life. They can enter anything their partner desires, so they make a great match. It fulfills the wishes of a sex partner. Sagittarius is attracted to the charming and impressive nature of Pisces. Both are passionate and filled with energy. The only problem is that Sagittarius does not wants to be tied by commitments while Pisces does. Pisces looks for someone strong in their life. Due to the differences, either of them can pull out of the relationship.