28 august, 2018 Blog

Cancer and leo frienship

Compatibility Score : 2

Cancer and Leo have an average friendship where the two signs put in a lot of effort to make things work between them. In spite of the strong polarity between the signs, they try to make it work.



Quality Sensitive, Moody, Sympathetic Generous, Enthusiastic, Temperamental
Ruling Planet Moon Sun
Element Water Fire

Cancer and Leo Friendship Score

Compatibility Score 2
Longevity It can be a long lasting friendship provided they take time to understand each other.
Mutual Interest Average
Fun & Excitement Strong
Mutual Growth Support each other in overall growth
Communication They are expressive and communicate openly on what they expect from the other.
Loyalty Very Strong
Beware Factor They are quite picky in making friends and rush things opposing planotic relationship.
Dominant Sign Both
Polarity A little polar