28 august, 2018 Blog

Libra and Pisces Friendship

Compatibility Score : 3

Libra and Pisces have a friendship where there is a strong chance of deep friendship, provided both the signs ignore the negatives, and focus on the positives. They extend great support to each other, so the scope of a great friendship is quite good.



Quality Orderly, Just, Sympathetic Sensitive, Timid, Sympathetic
Ruling Planet Venus Neptune
Element Air Water

Libra and Pisces Friendship Score

Compatibility Score 3
Longevity The friendship between the Libra and the Pisces can be difficult because these two natives have very different ways of approaching life so they have a short lifespan
Mutual Interest Average
Fun & Excitement Average
Mutual Growth Average.
Communication Very poor
Loyalty Strong
Beware Factor Their difference in functioning is problematic.
Dominant Sign Libra
Polarity Not polar