28 august, 2018 Blog

Virgo and aquarius friendship

Compatibility Score : 0

Virgo and Aquarius can never be more than casual friends as nothing is common between them. In fact, have an average friendship since they show strong polarity and average mutual interests.



Quality Perfectionist, Strong, Cheerful Giving, Idealistic, Creative
Ruling Planet Mercury Saturn and Uranus
Element Earth Air

Virgo and Aquarius Friendship Score

Compatibility Score 0
Longevity They have average friendship that's not too thick and not thin as well.
Mutual Interest Below Average
Fun & Excitement Strong
Mutual Growth They enjoy each other's company and help each other get better.
Communication Good
Loyalty Average
Beware Factor Virgos have a scientific mind, whereas the Aquarius defy logics abnd the two might get into an arguments on such matter of discussions.
Dominant Sign Virgo
Polarity Strong Polarity