28 august, 2018 Blog

Virgo and capricorn friendship

Compatibility Score : 3.2/5

Virgo and Capricorn have a friendship where there is a strong chance of deep friendship, provided both the signs ignore the negatives, and focus on the positives. They extend great support to each other, so the scope of a great friendship is quite good.



Quality Perfectionist, Strong, Cheerful Loyal, Ambitious, Blunt
Ruling Planet Mercury Saturn
Element Earth Earth

Virgo and Capricorn Friendship Score

Compatibility Score 3.2/5
Longevity Their friendship can be long lasting due to their practical view of life and mutual interests -
Mutual Interest Strong
Fun & Excitement Average
Mutual Growth Hep each other to grow
Communication They hold an excellent communication with each other and other people as well
Loyalty Very strong
Beware Factor Their high expectations from each other might become a matter of concern
Dominant Sign Virgo
Polarity Not polar